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1POS has chosen the following software to sell and install by requiring specific functions and features of each application. In order of importance our requirements are stability, accuracy, quick return on investment, necessary functions, features, regular enhancements, manufacturer's support, and aesthetics. All criteria must be met by software houses before we will sell their products to our customers. We are always evaluating new software that can help our customers. Below are the software applications we have tested thoroughly.

Aldelo Pro

Food & Beverage, fits all types of restaurants and bars, great ROI, feature rich, easy to program

Restaurant and bar operators are faced with complex and mission critical responsibilities such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, labor management, kitchen productivity, and much more everyday.

Aldelo POS Pro point of sale and management solution empowers restauranteurs to increase efficiency and reduce complexity. It is a super simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience.

Regardless of your food service operation theme, type or size, Aldelo POS Pro is the perfect hospitality point of sale and store management solution to help you achieve simplicity, productivity and efficiency. This cost effective software solution truly enables all restaurateurs to enjoy the benefits of store automation while achieving the best possible return on investment.


Food & Beverage, full featured, good ROI, uses the latest software platform

XERA POS represents a completely new approach to hospitality point of sale by incorporating the latest technologies, extremely intuitive user interface designs, and unbelievable flexibility into a single package without compromise.

XERA POS is designed specifically for all fine dining, table service, and quick service operations. It is extremely flexible in accommodating the most complex order entry challenges with the fewest possible steps.

XERA POS is loaded with features and capabilities. Fine dining manual coursing, automatic coursing, item sharing, smart clickable check, custom floor design and layout, item count down, unlimited menus, items, prices, just to name a few


Retail, full featured, good ROI, uses the latest software platform

POSitive Retail Manager is a sophisticated yet intuitive point-of-sale system built around Microsoft's SQL, a robust and scalable database. SQL allows PRM to work with many popular third-party programs, such as Crystal Reports. Track customers and inventory, create invoices and purchases orders, print AR statements and process Accounts Payables, even manage a complete internet web store all from within POSitive Retail Manager!

PRM contains many features designed to save you time and improve your business processes.Touch Screen support is built-in, including a full-featured Touch Screen editor.

Advanced Search rapidly finds customers and inventory when creating invoices. Category Defaults make entering new inventory significantly faster than other POS systems. Use Store Divisions to further refine your sales reports (for example, you might have a Retail Division and a Landscaping Division.) Data can be exported to a variety formats. Clerks can be trained within minutes to ring up an invoice and take tender

Campground Master

Campgrounds & RV Parks, full featured, great ROI, easy to program

Campground Master can simplify the task of reservation management for any campground or RV resort, or any kind of hospitality or rental business. If you're still using a wall chart and paper forms, we can help you make the transition to a computerized system as quick and easy as possible. With its emphasis on ease of use and flexibility, Campground Master helps you manage your business the way you want.

Easy to use and learn most campgrounds can be up and running within a day. Minimal computing power needed can be used on nearly any computer that runs Windows Vista or later. Extremely flexible database supports any type of rentable space or items, custom transaction categories, payment types, and more. No per-site setup costs. Campground Master does not require you to pay for system setup and map design like some other companies do. Setting up the database yourself is easy (especially with our their support), and you can use any map graphics you might already have. Includes a very detailed printed manual, plus quick-start tutorials. The full user manual is also available as instant program help just press the F1 key at any place in the program.

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Online Orders Now

Restaurants,Internet and mobile app menu ordering, interfaces to POS

Online Orders Now is a fully integrated internet ordering system. Your customers access the online ordering menu using a standard web browser. After which, they can browse menu items, choose desired selections, select additional options and side items, and designate payment options. Once the order is placed, the software automatically places it into the restaurant’s POS system which instantly prints the order on kitchen and receipt printers.

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